Media Associates

B-Loud Media Associates is a PR company which can assist you with new releases. B-loud Media Associates have worked with several international and UK renowned artists over the years including Anita Lerche, Flint J, Foji Gill, Nesdi Jones, Nirmal Sidhu and Sarika Gill, to name but a few. Not only do we provide PR for music releases, but for film releases too, and we have built exceptional relationships with media and press to enhance your releases.

So what do our PR services include?

Here at B-Loud Media Associates we provide packages to suit your needs and budgets. We form press releases, distribute your material to our extensive list of radio stations, RJ’s, media platforms and DJ’s around the world, arrange interviews and promote your release via social feeds. We also have exclusive advertising prices with media platforms and can assist with getting your music videos aired on several stations.
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